Christmas Activities Your Kids Should Experience

Hohoho! Bring in that season’s joy with Christmas activities your kids are sure to cherish for the rest of their lives. There’s no one way to celebrate the holidays, and we encourage new things. Make this holiday season your own, and every single one after, but there’s magic in keeping Christmas traditions by passing them on to the next generation.

While some aren’t accessible, such as snow activities, it’s an excellent opportunity to take your kids on a trip or get creative and come up with a fun alternative because of a difference in the climate. The children will be thankful to have experienced these Christmas activities for kids, especially when they become adults.

Building Snowmen

You can’t waste clean snow! Prepare the carrot, pebbles, and scarf to use for Mr. Snowman as the family tried to decide on a name. Consider it the commemoration ceremony to welcome the holidays. Throw in some snow angels, snowball fights complete with snow forts, and other Christmas games for good measure. No snow in your area? Then it’s time to get crafty! What can you use for your artsy snowman instead?

Drinking Hot Chocolate and Eggnog

Start it off relaxing and straightforward. Your kids might enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on other nights, but the holidays make every sip special. Alternate it with another classic holiday drink, the eggnog! The creamy and sweetened drink is sure to delight both children and adults in this cold season. It tastes even better when served on Christmas Day.

Baking Gingerbread Cookies and Gingerbread Houses

Can you smell the scent that will be wafting from the kitchen to the rest of your house after an afternoon of baking and decorating these pastries? If you can’t, that’s even more reason for you to do this with your kids! Guide them in the baking and making the icing. Then you can leave the art to them as you finish other chores or join in on the fun!


Even SoCal kids can go sledding when the family takes a drive up the mountains, where you’re sure to get fresh snow. At least there isn’t any of the powdery ice on the roads in the parts of the country where the weather stays mostly warm. Read up on safety guidelines for sledding and the clothing and weather to minimize any health risks and unpleasant surprises.

Donating to Charity

Remind your children what Christmas is about: giving, not just for people they know but also for those who need it most. Discuss the idea with your children, and ask them what problems in the world they’d like to fix. Then choose a charity or organization they would like to help support, either through cash or kind. Raising them to get involved in the community and change from a young age instills foundational values that would immensely shape their adulthood.

Gift and Ornament Shopping

They’re not just errands. They’re great introductions for kids to the holiday season to-do lists because they’ll certainly find it interesting to shop for their parents, grandparents, and closest family and friends. It’s a good practice of their empathy by reflecting on how well they know the people most important to them and decision-making.

“Go” to a Christmas Festival

Do stay safe and avoid crowds, but you don’t have to miss out on the enjoyment of one of the most memorable Christmas activities for families. Search for one that will live stream online, and watch from the comfort of your homes.

If you’re feeling up to it, recreate festival vibes at home for a complete experience, and they won’t feel like they’re missing anything. Can’t find any, or is the Wi-Fi signal not strong enough? Binge on Christmas movies instead, an option you can never go wrong with!

Keep a List of Christmas Activities for Kids

These are some of the quintessential things children should get to have during this season, whether the family believes in Santa, or Jesus, or not. Christmas traditions are cherished, so it’s important to pass them on, but making each year interesting and slightly different would help them stay open to new experiences. Ask other families how they spend their Christmases, and you’ll eventually find a list of other things to add to your holiday break.

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